Bid Results

The bid results on this site reflect vendor bid submissions for MTA-NYCT formal material procurements, MTA-NYCT, MTA-CC, and MTA-B&T construction and non-construction formal procurement opportunities. The bid results are updated weekly and list the apparent low bidder at the time of the bid closing and not necessarily the vendor who won the award. The results are sorted by bid number and list the project description, bid closing date, vendor name and bid amount. When there is a pending bid, our policy precludes providing , prior contract , award and pricing information.  After the bid closing, the low bidder/proposed award will be available.  Prior contract, award and pricing information will also be made available at that time.

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Bid Result Definitions

RFQ Number: Also known as solicitation number
Bid Close Date: The date bid submissions are due and opened
Class Award: If no, items to be awarded individually
Description: Description of item/service being purchased
Vendor Name: The company name(s) submitted on bid documents
UOM: Unit of Measure
Quantity: Amount of material/service requested
Unit Price: Price bid per unit

If you have any questions regarding the bid results on this site Contact Us for clarification.

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